How are you paid for your services?
Like virtually all attorneys who handle personal injury claims, we are paid for our services on a contingent fee basis. This means we receive a fee only if we are successful in securing a monetary recovery by way of judgment, arbitration award or settlement. There is no charge for our services if we are unsuccessful.

Is there any charge for initial consultation with your firm?
No. Although the ads placed by some attorneys suggest that they do their clients a big favor by not charging for initial consultation, the fact is that reputable personal injury attorneys almost never charge for this service. We have never done so.

How are the expenses of litigation (investigation, court filing fees, fees to obtain records, etc.) paid?
It is unethical for an attorney to agree to absorb litigation expenses irrespective of the outcome of the case. However, an attorney can, and we do, advance litigation expenses for clients that are unable to afford them, or to avoid delays in obtaining necessary information or filing important papers. In that event, we are reimbursed for those expenses upon successful resolution of the claim. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a recovery, the client remains responsible for the expenses we have incurred. 

Do you handle No-Fault claims for automobile accident victims?
Yes. For those clients who retain us to handle their automobile injury claim(s), we handle claims for no-fault benefits arising out of the accident without separate charge to the client.

Has your firm actually tried all of the types of cases you list?
Yes we have.  This is one of the first questions you should ask any attorney you may be thinking of retaining.

Is it important to retain an attorney immediately after my accident or can I wait to see how my injuries heal or whether I can get a reasonable settlement by dealing directly with the insurance company?
Most cases benefit from a prompt investigation into the facts of the accident or event. In some instances, critical evidence or witnesses can disappear if action isn’t taken immediately. Furthermore, all cases are governed by a statute of limitations (the period within which a claim must be placed into suit to avoid being barred) and in certain cases (e.g., against municipalities) there are strict notice requirements that must be complied with to preserve your right to sue.  In motor vehicle accident cases, there is a 30 day time limit for making a no-fault claim for medical expenses and lost income. We can review these concerns with you and tell you if you can or should wait before deciding to proceed.

How quickly will my claim be resolved?
There is no uniform answer to this question. Some cases, such as those involving limited insurance coverage or rapidly healed injuries and good liability, can be resolved very quickly, even within a matter of months on occasion. Others, involving complex issues, multiple parties, extremely serious injuries, hotly contested liability or appeals, can take several years to resolve. We try to move our cases along as promptly as possible and keep our clients informed of the status of their claims.

Who decides what my claim is worth?
This depends upon whether 1) it proceeds to trial or arbitration award, or 2) it is settled short of that stage. In the former instance, any award is made by a jury, the judge or the arbitrators. If it is settled, you ultimately decide what amount to accept, although we will make recommendations for you to consider in making that decision.

If I settle my claim or receive a jury or arbitration award, can I reopen it if I later develop additional health problems or suffer additional losses related to my accident?
Only in very rare instances involving fraud can a personal injury or death claim be reopened after it has been settled, tried or arbitrated. That is why it is important to make certain that all relevant factors are taken into consideration before agreeing to a settlement or proceeding to trial.

When can you tell me how much I can expect to receive for my claim?
Many factors go into the proper evaluation of a claim. Beware of any attorney who promises large sums of money in an initial consultation. Rarely can a responsible evaluation be made until a proper investigation into the circumstances of the accident is completed, medical records and reports obtained and other losses substantiated. Often it is necessary to commence suit and obtain information by way of discovery proceedings in order to make a knowledgeable evaluation. That said, once we have obtained sufficient information, we will provide you with our opinion regarding the value of your claim.

If I retain your firm to handle my case, but later become dissatisfied with your services, may I discharge you and get another attorney?
Yes.  A client always has that right.

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